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Josè Manuel Ruiz Herrera

Arranger, Composer and Classical Guitarist

Academic Director EMBO.

Degree in Philology and Languages ​​from the National University of Colombia.

Professional Art Card Number 4429, Music Area, by the Ministry of National Education, Resolution No. 229, of August 17, 2007

Musical Studies at the Emilio Murillo District Academy, Amadeus Musical Association and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

Classical Guitar Studies with Maestros Hernán Sandino Velásquez (Colombia), Eduardo Fernández (Uruguay), Shin-Ichi Fukuda (Japan), Briggite Saczek (Austria), Rafael Serrallet (Spain), Luis Quintero (Venezuela) and Arturo Parra (Colombia) ).

He has served as Professor of the Music Career at the University of Cundinamarca, founder and Director of the Estudiantina UDEC in said Institution, Professor of the Conservatory of Music of Huil (Neiva), Professor of Classical Guitar and Director of the Estudiantina of the Municipal Institute of Culture Joaquín Piñeros Corpas, from Tabio (Cundinamarca), in the House of Culture of Cajicá

Classical guitarist. Composer and arranger. He has won various National Musical Interpretation Competitions at the National level.

In 2006 he obtained the National Prize for Cortiple Composition, with his work Concerto de los Andes, for Tiple and Chamber Orchestra.

In 2020 he participated in the Courses Inventing the Guitar and Introduction to Research on Musical Interpretation, at the University School of Music (University of the Republic of Uruguay), in Montevideo.

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