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Piano / Organet

In the School of Music of Bogotá each practical class is carried out individually to maximize the attention and performance of the student. Likewise, we offer the possibility of holding group classes of up to three students. Initially, the student works with the theoretical and practical methodology of the BASTIEN method, as it is important in the continuous training of the future pianist. Additional methods, texts and techniques are progressively worked on (Hanon, Burgmüller, Czerny, repertoire of Composers such as Kabalevsky, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and music from the 20th and 21st centuries, including current genres.


* Hourly intensity: 1 hour per week

* Total: 4 hours per month


* Hourly intensity: 2 hours per week

* Total: 8 hours per month

* Methodology: Group Class

* Space: Maximum 3 students per group


-Parts of the instrument: knowledge, and care

-Technique, Fingering for both hands. Training

-Scales, melodies of progressive difficulty

-Right hand melodies

-Left hand: introduction. Combination of the two hands on the keyboard.

-Progressive works for both hands

-Classic and Popular Repertoire

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