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About us

About us

* The School of Music of Bogotá was created in response to the great questions that loom in the academic and cultural environment and that impede the normal development of the artist (understanding this as a person of good technical level, a great intuition and, above all as an integral being) .

* Taking into account that music, like the other disciplines of the fine arts, provides opportunities for community integration, strengthens citizen coexistence and has various fields of action (in musical composition, interpretation , elaboration of arrangements, direction and musical production , formation of groups, etc).

* The School of Music of Bogotá bases its pedagogical work on practical experience and on a theoretical basis of the different artistic disciplines.


To train upright artists who also have a social and humanistic sense.

Rescue and spread the Colombian culture, to protect our national heritage

In accordance with Article 70 of the Political Constitution of Colombia, the School of Music of Bogotá will provide spaces for the promotion of culture and the promotion of human talent, through permanent artistic training and through concerts, stage productions, exhibitions , workshops and other events to which the community will have access.

To fulfill this mission, the Institution will develop methodological strategies that allow the implementation of the most recent technologies applied to the cultural pedagogical process.


The School of Music of Bogotá will be an Institution of great leadership and loneliness in terms of artistic training, projected in 5 years to be present throughout the country. It will become an important center of cultural diffusion where great artists will meet nationwide.

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Alcira Sarmiento de Vargas Directora General EMBO
  Alcira Sarmiento de Vargas
Reflections of the Founder

14 years ago the idea of creating a School of Music arose as a result of the need we saw in many students who wanted to dedicate their lives to Music or study this career but did not have enough training to pass the admission tests.

In addition, the fact of meeting people who wanted to study Music as a therapy or an additional activity to their respective professions, or Parents who saw in Music a complementary activity for their children, plus the contribution that Music offers to the mind through their implications at the cognitive level, concentration, coordination, etc., all this made me think about the importance of having the Institution.

EMBO began activities in the La Castellana neighborhood in the Second Semester of 2007, and from 2009 it moved to the Nueva Marsella neighborhood, where it is currently operating.

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