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Guitar (Classical and Electric)

Guitar classes taught at EMBO are focused in different ways, depending on the objectives and concerns of the students. We offer different options:

* Guitar classes for children (5 years to 10 years)

* Guitar classes for students focused on taking the exam to the University.

* Guitar for amateurs from 11 years onwards.


* Know historical and evolutionary aspects of the Guitar

* Identify and know the parts of the Guitar and its functionality, as well as the care and maintenance of it.

* Implement a suitable posture for the correct instrumental performance .

* Develop fingering techniques for the right and left hands.

* Know fundamental aspects of Music theory and apply them to Instrumental interpretation.

* Interpret scales at one, two and, three octaves with suitable fingerings.

* Know fundamental aspects of Harmony applied to the Guitar (handling of chords, harmonic progressions in specific musical works, tonal identification).

* Develop skills at a melodic and / or rhythmic level in instrumental performance .

* Implement the progressive assembly of a repertoire that covers different periods, styles, geographical areas, genres and composers, taking into account the abilities, needs and interests of the student.

* Contextualize the musical performance in the current environment in which the student works.


Hourly intensity: 1 hour per week

Total: 4 hours per month


Hourly intensity: 2 hours per week

Total: 8 hours per month

Space: maximum 3 students


* Interpretive technique

* Musical fundamentals

* Solfeggio Applied to the Instrument

* Styles


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