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Bienvenidos a la mejor Escuela de Música de Bogotá

Lyrical, popular song, re-education of the spoken voice


* Hourly intensity: 1 hour per week

* Total: 4 hours per month


* Hourly intensity: 2 hours per week

* Total: 8 hours per month

* Methodology: Group class

* Space: maximum 4 students per group


* Develop adequate breathing.

* Know the parts of the body involved in singing to achieve a better understanding of the functioning of the vocal mechanism.

* Achieve a correct body posture when singing

* Activate facial resonators

* Develop techniques for body and mental relaxation.

* Knowledge and progressive development of one's own vocal register. * We work on articulation, diction, modulation, tuning, correct placement of the voice for a good projection of it, vocal failures, bad habits; and how to overcome them.

* Contextualize the musical part about the repertoire montage

* Classes are individual and totally personalized depending on the level and needs of each student.

* Body expression techniques

* Classic and Popular Repertoire

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