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Fondo futurista abstracto

Juan Carlos Ortega Fandiño


Graduated from the National University as a Pianist Musician from the National University of Colombia, from the chair of Maestro Raúl Mesa. During his career he was receiving classes from teachers, Angela Rodriguez, Mariana, Posada, Cecilia Casas, William McClure and Pilar Leyva

With early initiation in music at the Universidad de los Andes, with Maestro Antonio Carbonell, and in teaching, teaching at the Sorrento District Educational Institution, in 2009 and at the Inter-American School, in 2012. During my career I have been able to be as a collaborating pianist in various chairs such as Violin, lyrical singing, Flute and Horn. I have participated in ensembles of Chamber with two Pianos and Piano with Violin. During 2013 I participated in the call for solo musicians of the "Luis Ángel Arango" Library, and in 2014 in the IX International Music Festival in Cartagena and in the Soloists contest of the National University. For the year 2018 I participated in the CIMA International Fairs in the city of Manizales with the Trascender group of the Trumpet Master John Higuera, and in the annual fair "expovinos". For the year 2019 I participated as a collaborating pianist in the second International Flute Contest, held in the municipalities of Tocancipá and Chía. I also have knowledge in Music History, Theory and Grammar

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