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The growing interest of many young people to enter the Music Career at an Institution of Higher Education to later become Professional Musicians , in various cases has been hampered and even frustrated by applicants by not passing the admission exams in these institutions.

We can find the roots of this situation in an educational system that begins from early childhood, in which Music has not been given the importance it should have, not so much in the simple sense of being part of a Pensum, but also the structure itself, the content, the implementation of the programs and the teaching methodology.

Music has many effects on those who study and practice it, regardless of age.

Naturally, the younger one begins to study a musical instrument, the more effects the music will have on the formation of a human being. Among the main effects are:

* Development of more memory capacity.

* Greater capacity for conceptual compression.

* Simultaneous use of both cerebral hemispheres when playing a musical instrument.

* Development of greater concentration.

* Better intellectual performance.

* Greater analysis capacity .

* Greater development of intelligence.

Unfortunately, when many high school graduates have the entrance exam for the music career in an Institution of Higher Education, the vast majority fail the test due to a lack of previous musical training, which includes not only the preparation of a musical instrument, but also in the basic concepts and elements of music theory (music theory or grammar, Auditory Training, Harmony, Music Appreciation, History of Music, Music Computer Science).

During Secondary Education, some of these aspects are provided without adequate implementation or in a very superficial way in many cases. Naturally, in Colombia there are Institutions that have implemented Programs such as the Musical Baccalaureate, in which students acquire a solid training that gives them more possibilities to access the Professional Career. However, they are very few compared to the enormous number of Middle Education Institutions in our nation.

Based on the previous approaches, the School of Music of Bogotá offers students interested in taking the admission exams for the Music Career, the Pre-University Program, which will provide the elements of basic training in both Instrument and Theory of the music.


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