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(Omar Al Roos)

Coordinator of the Music Therapy area from east to west

I carry out musical studies at the National Pedagogical University, Youth Symphony Orchestra of Colombia, Colombian School of Jazz.

Study of Folk Percussions from Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, with well-known teachers from each corresponding country: Alonso Puello (Pipers of San Jacinto), Eduardo Martinez and Marco Vinicio Oyaga (Toto la Momposina), Ernest Simpson (Arturo Sandoval Jazz Band), Vancho Manoilovich (David Gilmour from Pink Floyd), Joel “Pibo” Marquez (Grupo Madera from Venezuela), Eddie Montalvo (Fania All Stars, Ruben Blades), Edson Quezada (Brazilian Percussionist). In addition to being self-taught with ethnic instruments (strings, winds and percussion) from various countries

of the world. I participate as a musician in various groups of Colombian Folklore, Salsa, Rock, Jazz and popular music and accompany various artists and singers, in events and festivals such as: Salsa al Parque, Jazz al Parque, Rock al Parque, Festival Musicas del Mundo, Festival of Jazz de la Libélula Dorada, International Jazz Festival of the Free Theater, Barranquijazz International Jazz Festival, Cali A-JAZZ-GO Jazz Festival, Festival

Salsa International in Fukuoka (Japan), Viña de Mar International Song Festival (Chile), International Folklore Circuit in several cities in Brazil; these as the most important. These festivals were part of tours in countries such as Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil, the United States, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Japan.

He has been a teacher at the National Pedagogical University, the Colombian Youth Symphony Orchestra , the Higher Academy of Arts of Bogotá (ASAB), the Grancolombíano Polytechnic University , the Colombian School of Music, the Bogotá School of Music, the Neijing Bogotá School .

He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Neijing School, he is currently a professor of Healing Pathways of the Hands and coordinates the Research of Music and Healing Sound in said school, presenting the presentation "Music as a healing proposal, from the Octogram of Fu Xi" , at the 2012 Hipano-American Congress of Acupuncture, in Montevideo Uruguay and the Neijing Schools of Buenos Aires Argentina; "Art as a healing proposal" at the 2016 Hispano-American Acupuncture Congress in Santa Marta Colombia; "The Alchemy of Instruments" in the 1st International Meeting of Healthy Music 2017, Belo Horizonte Brazil., In the 2nd. Festival de Musicas Sanantes Cancun Mexico 2019, 12th International Meeting of Shamanism and Ancestral Traditions in Genac France 2019, In ​​addition to conducting seminars in Madrid Spain, Paris France, Buenos Aires Argentina, etc. He has made recordings for various artists of genres such as Salsa, Popular Colombiana,

Jazz, Rock, Medieval, Arabic and Greek, for novels, TV series, Theater montages, Music for Circus, Music for Contemporary Dance, and his own recording entitled "Alkimia del Sonido", music with an exclusively healing intention, project in the who is currently dedicated full time, as a musician-therapist and researcher. In 2019, his book Alkimia del Sonido was published by Mandala editions, Madrid Spain.

He is currently working as coordinator of the East to West Music Therapy program of the Music Therapy area of ​​the School of Music of Bogota, and preparing its next publication.

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